QK STUDIO is the studio of Southern California Abstract Expressionist Painter, Quinn Klingerman. Beginning in 2021 QK Studio will also support artists with disabilities gain more exposure through representation and mentorship.

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BLACK LIVES MATTER  – we will support black artists or organizations that further racial equality with 10% of our online sales for 2022.

          “Sometimes I cant believe I am living my dream. I hope to help others reach their dreams too. Thank you for supporting mine. “ Quinn Klingerman

Over the last few years, I have been blessed to have fantastic people around me that have helped guide and support me in  my business and artist endeavors. Thank you to my  art teachers and business partners.My work has evolved over time and I have greatly appreciated the assistance of my art teachers supporting me in the creation of my work.  From  new techniques that allow for different effects such as stencils and stamps and objects use for texture to expanding my understanding of brush use and paint mixture I have been able to explore so much. You will find examples of this my series such as “Hearts”, “Pinecones”, “Butterflies”, “ Singing in the Rain” and “Elephants”. You will most always see my rich, layered brushstrokes in the background of all my work and that has become my signature style.  Sometimes this layering of color creates magical abstract pieces that you can see in works such as “ Hibiscus”, and Koi Pond” as well as many others.  I hope you enjoy looking. Thank you. Quinn