2022 Virtual Gallery Tour November 20th @ 1pm

Join us for a 20 min interactive Virtual Gallery Tour. Meet Southern CA Abstract Expressionist artist, Quinn Klingerman and QK Gallery Curator, Gina Nelson.

2022 Virtual Gallery Photo

Quinn Klingerman: The Covid Series 2020 Virtual Gallery

Click the link below to visit my virtual gallery which is now displaying my latest work. Once you are in the gallery click the “I ” ( info )button in the top left corner get tips on how to move around the rooms. Clicking on each painting will give you more details about it. Originals and prints are available in on my gallery and store pages on my website. Custom orders are welcome anytime. Thanks for visiting Enjoy!


Original Covid Series Show Announcement below :

“It was wonderful to be able to see art again and in such a rich and unique format. I really enjoyed the experience. “

Ann ( Chicago)

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